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Stay-at-Home Sanity

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Coaching for the Unique Demands of Stay-at-Home Moms and Dads

An Incredibly Demanding Role

Every parent who no longer has a babe in arms will tell you, uninvited, to "treasure this moment." Buttinski's like myself will ogle your precious bundle of impulse and curiosity in the grocery store cue, and longingly recall when long-ago, someone was smearing peanut-butter crackers on their only clean shirt.


And it's true ... Stay-at-Home parents have chosen to embrace and be present for a magical journey like no other. But it is also an incredibly demanding role.

A Constantly Moving Target

One day you're changing diapers and breast-feeding, holding up black and white graphics and creating playlists of classical masterpieces, and then suddenly it's all about blockading doors you didn't imagine your toddling super-genius could negotiate, and fishing your new Apple Watch from the toilet bowl. And as soon as you've settled in, and drawn boundaries with your extended family about naps and sweets and the provenance and particulars of acceptable toys ... the rules and routines change again.

How I Can Help

I help stay-at-home parents:

  • create and modify routines

  • identify and creatively carve out time for self-care

  • negotiate boundary issues within the nuclear and extended family

  • explore effective disciplinary and training strategies

  • create personalized strategies for household management

  • explore opportunities for a side-hustle

  • establish healthy patterns of engagement with their child

  • research enrichment activities in your area

If you're curious about Stay-at-Home Parenting Coaching, or would like to explore gifting this to one of your grown children, let's chat.

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