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Common Sense Policy

You will have a one - hour call scheduled each week, however we may choose to extend that call for as long as necessary to reach a natural conclusion, and leave you feeling ready to tackle your next challenge.  

As Long as it Takes


You may text whenever, and as often, as you want to.  I can often respond right away, but will otherwise respond at my earliest convenience.

On Demand


Please feel free to call in-between sessions when you need immediate coaching support.  I can often talk to you right away, but will otherwise return your calls at my earliest convenience.

When You Need It


Your total support package includes 5-7 hours per week of the aforementioned coaching services, as well as personalized program & tool development, and sometimes research related to crafting solutions particular to your needs.



Enough Coaching, When You Need It!


How Much?

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Inquire about sliding fees.

How Soon?

I am currently NOT accepting clients.

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It's simple.  Just call or text now.  570.447.0982.

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