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30 Days to a Tiny Turnaround

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

A 30 Day Life Coaching Program Using Tiny Steps for Maximum Results

30 Day Life Coaching Program
30 Days to a Tiny Turnaround

30 Days to a Tiny Turnaround is a 30 Day Challenge designed to "Fix Everything."

The Backstory

It has long been the advice of human performance gurus to pick your most important goal and get obsessed with it. These are the same gurus that taught me much of what I know, and I'm not necessarily dissing them or this sagacious advice. But, there are times in my life when I felt like half a dozen things (or more) were vying for first place in the "what I need to fix"column. So what to do when you need to lose weight, find a job, repair (or form) a significant relationship, AND declutter your living environment? That's when it's time for a Tiny Turnaround.

A Tossed Salad of Achievement Science

The program is based on a varied collection of human performance studies including concepts like instigating an epiphany, habit anchors and stacking, using easy wins and incremental measures to boost motivation and momentum, managing your mindset and emotions to impact intrinsically driven performance upgrades, leveraging "sprints" to boost the rate of behavioral performance improvement ... It is a program based on years of study and years of experimentation ... and it's both easy and fun.

But Wait, There's More!

Like the honing steel and cutting board thrown in with the knife set on a late night infomercial, this program boasts assets beyond it's effectiveness. I will work with you to customize the program around your current performance level, and around exactly what you want to get out of it. It's an important difference that makes a difference. There are lots of cookie-cutter solutions out there that work fabulously, but this is not one them. This program is designed to allow you to make rapid progress in your big impact areas, without wasting effort on improvements you'd rather save for later.

I'll be With You Every Step of the Way

Like all Tiny Turnaround Programs, I keep my client list short so I can over-deliver on support. People simply do better at metamorphosis when they can reach out when they need it most. Clients have called and texted me at all hours asking for an extra nudge to get them to the gym or give them courage for a stack of stress-wrapped paperwork. Check out my "Common Sense Policy" to see exactly what this looks like.

Once and Done, or Forever and Ever

Clients who use the 30 Days to a Tiny Turnaround program are usually good to go after one cycle. At the end of the program we talk about how you can alter your practice to turn it into a "System for Living." The program also includes an on online tool that allows you to rework the program independently whenever you want.

The Devil in the Detail

While this really is a 30 Day Program, it takes 5 weeks to work it, because we'll need a few days (up to a week) to get you set up and ready. For this reason this program alone, currently costs $3000 whereas my other programs are sold on a monthly basis for $2500 each. #30DaystoaTinyTurnaround #productivitycoaching

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