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Remote Renovation

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Make Your Remote Job, Your Dream Job

Make Your Remote Job Your Dream Job
Thanks to Andrew Neel for sharing their work on Unsplash.

30 Days of Coaching to Make You the Master of Your Remote Work-life.

It Happens to, Quite Literally, The Best of Us

When you get yourself into a spot of trouble, the trouble, in and of itself, becomes an isolating factor. Like a funhouse mirror, the trouble taunts us, suggesting that we have become a grotesque subset of our esteemed peers. This has not only been my own experience, but a tale I've heard repeated to me by clients who sought help for their remote work challenges.

A Tale of Two Johns

Before C19 made remote working arrangements the status quo, John was offered this benefit because of his stellar performance. A fit and disciplined man, as an office-goer, he had a magazine-worthy routine, getting up at 0-dark-thirty for his workout, and arriving at the elevator early with a black coffee and an immaculately pressed shirt. After the birth of his first child, he requested and received permission to work at home, with the exception of occasional meetings and collaborative project work.

Initially, John's performance at home remained exemplary, but several months later, he reported with shame that he was living in chaos and struggling with procrastination. The change had unexpectedly impacted his exercise habits, his diet, his use of alcohol, and his efficiency at his job. Granted, John had the added distraction of an adored and demanding new family member, but John is just one example of a story I have heard over and over again.

Replacing the Secret Sauce

As many of us discovered during COVID19 isolation, an established routine, especially one that includes external structure and visibility, is not easily traded for a new routine that depends solely on intrinsic structure and steely initiative.

A coaching relationship with daily accountability allows a more natural segue to the independence that you really are completely capable of. What's more, the power of a detached and accepting observer can help you find new tricks and tools to make yourself behave as you wish.

What We'll Do

In the Remote Renovation Program, we will focus on developing 3 creative mini-routines with strong anchors. Unlike a militaristic minute-by-minute schedule, these easy routines will begin to naturally direct your day, and keep you focused on just the habits that make the biggest difference. We'll experiment with replacements for components of your old routine, and we'll identify simple and sensible ways for you to reward yourself and add the excitement and variation that keeps everyone's brain happy.

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