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Tiny Turnaround's New Endeavor

Tiny Turnaround, LLC (aka Christine Taylor Kight) has served individual clients with unique and intensely practical personal coaching services for five years. During this time I have used a combination of tools I've created, along with tools created by others, to meet my client's needs for increased productivity, self-discipline, emotional control, real and manageable habit improvement and the simply do-able management of insanely complicated transitions.

My hands-down, most effective tools require a level of familial or peer support that many clients don't have access to, or a prohibitively expensive level of professional support, that is -- well, PROHIBITIVE. No existing tools on the market, currently deliver a solution that overcomes these barriers to success.

While I've tried to bridge the gap by offering "Daily, On-Demand Life Coaching" - a service rarely* offered in my industry, and NEVER offered at as-low a rate* -- the amount I am able to offer this service for, remains beyond reach for many who appeal to me for support and direction, as well as a countless number, who don't.

Inspired by this unmet-need, I have temporarily reduced my client load to work full-time on creating a globally-unique SaaS which solves this problem in a way no other solution does, and at a price which will be infinitely more affordable for "The Average Joe."

Stay tuned for progress.

*Go ahead! Google it!

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